Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am returning with my shop to re-open soon!

Oh my gosh!, It's been so long. It is been a crazy few months personally, but I soon will be up and running again. I actually have be contemplating and whether to re-open the shop.  It's not easy trying to make a go of it and thrive to make ends meet. But there are several reasons why I want to make this happen.  First of all: I enjoy making and creating.  I am totally obsessed really.  I have a room full of craft supplies, an awesome sewing machine that almost cooks itself, and plenty of fabric to sew a quilt or two or three! 

Second of All: My 2 boys are my biggest inspirations. So with that being said AND the fact that my youngest Son, who has Autism and my oldest who just entered high school year are my biggest inspirations.  I just can't face closing up shop.  So my friends, stay tuned. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  I love feedback.  Take Care Pigeon Peeps and happy crafting!

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