Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday - Hiding the Veggies

Hello Pigeon Peeps,

I am starting a new segment here at Blue Pigeon called Tips and Tutorials Tuesday.  Every Tuesday I will post either a tip or a tutorial to share with each of you.  When it comes to tips, it could be anything from cleaning to Autism! I want to share what I learn with each of you!  Project tutorials won't come as frequently, perhaps only once a month because they take time to plan and prepare.  I haven't learned yet to make things simple!

This is Tuesday and Today I have a very simple tip for when you are cooking for the family. 

My son has Autism and if you are familiar with it, they tend to be very picky eaters. This tip isn't just for children with Autism, but for any child.  He likes about five kinds of foods and that about it.  One of his all time favorites is Spaghetti.  If he had has way, he would make Spaghetti a separate food group.  

This summer we had a nutritionist visit our house to weigh and measure Brendan.  Before she arrived I had to record exactly what he eat and how much for three days.  He's a little chubby because his behavior tends to be an issue with food.  He was eating WAY to much and it was becoming a problem.  Can you say "meltdown?"   He wasn't getting everything that he needed nutritionally.  Doesn't really like any veggies except salad and LOVES tomatoes with Light Ranch Dressing.  But we needed more. 
Since Brendan loves Spaghetti, the nutritionist suggested taking doing this:

Take about 1/2 cup of fresh spinach leaves and place in the food processor.

Then prepare Spaghetti as you normally would.  You can cook ground beef or turkey (I use turkey) in a saucepan. Or use no meat at all.  Then without your kids in the kitchen peaking, quickly add the chopped spinach!

Next, add a jar of spaghetti sauce or if you have time, prepare your own.  Me? I don't have the time.  This jar will do fine. 

Sauce complete. My son cannot tell the difference and doesn't even notice that I have added anything.  It has been working fine.  He has even lost weight and the meltdowns happen less now during dinner time.  I hope this one tip has helped you today.

Enjoy! Until Next Tuesday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday! Time to Share

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

Oh my! I can finally say that my computer's is up and running again. Yahoo! While my computer was sick I was able to create a few items and share them.  I still don't have everything installed yet, but it's coming along.  I have sooo busy that it seems like I don't ever have much time anymore!

Today is a special day in my family because my oldest son is turning 13! Happy Birthday to him! 

Of course being in middle school he thinks that his parents are walking ATM's and wrote out a long birthday list of things he wanted!  Welcome to Middle School and this is his last year. High school is next! Yikes.

Here is my projects I wanted to share.

A Messenger for Peace

I absolutely fell in love with this fabric. 

It's fully lined with a nice coordinating blue fabric with peace signs all over it.  Also has a 45 inch length strap 1.5 inches wide. Perfect for wearing across your body.

I will be putting this next item in the Etsy shop.  It's a cute boxed corner zippered coin case.  It's fully lined with Kona cotton and is made with some really cute Owl fabric from Joann's Fabric.   It can hold a lot.
Take a looksy.

Thanks again for sticking with me and I will be back later!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haven't gone Away.

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

I am apologizing for disappearing, which I am not supposed to do. Bloggers rule I guess, but I am having some serious technical issues with my computer. My tech Husband had to rebuild mine and start over, but now a sound driver is just giving me a run for my money.  He is still trying to solve the problem.  I can't do much except sewing! Good thing I guess, but I can't do a thing on my computer.

I will be back. Really I will, and with some new stuff to share!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Tweakin'

 Happy Saturday Peeps,

Just wanted to chime in and let you know that I still really can't visit blogs. I am so sad.  But everytime I surf over to someones page it still freezes my computer. My husband is now out of bed and ready to help me out. SO since I really can't do much friendly blog hopping, I have been tweaking my page and doing laundry! 

Also this Sunday we are making a final trip to Disneyland, just for the day of course.  It should be fun.  We truly need the break.

Thank you to all my Pigeon Peeps for hanging on and making the nicest comments.  I love checking my box to find comments.  It really makes my day♥!

Hopefully I will be up and running right by Monday,(cross your fingers) Take Care and happy crafting!t


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being Busy and Sharing the Love!

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

I have been very busy doing everything but sewing! I have been trying to spiff up the blog, then BOTH my boys have their "Back to School" nights this week. I have also had a death in Family, so it has been an interesting week.

But I wanted to share with you many of the past projects I have made that really have never made it to the cyber-world.  They either have a flaw of some kind or an "oops." Sometimes they are just "trial and error."  Please enjoy!  Warning this post is picture heavy.  Hope you like my projects!

This is a large heated rice bag that I created, but it has a Velcro flap to it.  Not the style I had in mind. I do like the fabric though.

This is another version of a Heated Rice Therapy Bag.  A fold-over snapped version.  Good concept but I felt it wouldn't be all that comfortable if used on their heads or other areas.  The snaps just would not feel good next to the skin.  There again, I love the fabric.  How about those cool fish!  By the way, I am thinking this a good give-away item!  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! Stay tuned!

This is my very first boxed corner zippered pouch.  I totally love this, but I couldn't sell it! It is an "oops", unfortunately the bottom seams don't line up. Boo... I would like to try making this again because these are just awesome.

This project here was intentionally going to be a cell phone case.  I call it my "Trial and Error".  It really just needed to be tweaked.  I made it too small for the cell phone when folded over.  But it's my own design and I think otherwise, it turned out rather nice.

One more note:  I am still tweaking the blog.  I would like to get more of my blogger friends following me, but   I am little apprehensive to place many gadgets on my site until my computer gets completely back to running properly.

Thank you for all your support! You are the ♥BEST♥!

Happy Thursday to you all.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Blue Pigeon Peeps!

Hi Friends,

If you are here from Aspiring Creations, it's nice to see you.  Nothing much yet going on but soon Blue Pigeon will be up and Tweeting.  It will take some time so bare with me.  Have much changes in the works.  It should be a fun process.  Meanwhile you can head over to my About Me page, if your interested on how I came up with the name Blue Pigeon.

Happy Crafting,