About Me

Welcome to Blue Pigeon Creations,

What's in a name? I all began with my oldest son.  The first word that he spoke when learning speech was "Bird" while he would point up to the sky.  Years later we finally figured out that he had this affinity for birds, pigeons, and any bird species.   He acquired a small stuffed bird about two years ago and I decided that I would attempt to create a stuffed version by scratch with some blue terry cloth fabric.  This was my first sewing project since high school!  Hence the name "Blue Pigeon" and my shop was born.  This was the start of many great things to come!

My name is Karen and I am a very creative 40-something Mother who has decided to take on the world with her two boys, Connor 13 and  Brendan 8.  My youngest has as Autism and I am great supporter for the cause.   I enjoy being a Mom and creating anything (I mean anything) that's fun, but useful and handmade.   My interests are so varied that I drive myself crazy at times. I enjoy projects from Calligraphy to Jewelry making.   I love colors, putting color together, drawing, drafting and Interiors.  Those skills lead me to my degree in Interior Design back in 1991.    Hopefully with those skills I can create something just for you! 

As far as my shop, I will create anything custom for you as well.  Just email me and we will work together on your dream!

I love designing and creating new projects.  Most of the items are created from just sketching with a pencil.  No pattern at all.  My eventual goal is to create items that are functional yet fun in color and design. Since my son has special needs creating items with Autism Awareness holds a very special place in my heart.