Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take a Peek

Lately I have testing many of my items in the shop to see whether or not I would get any interest, it's been a journey and everyday I try and make a go if it. 

Also my computer problem seems to be solved.  Just needed a clean up and maintenance!

Back in December for the Christmas holiday, I made several I spy bags.  They are hit with many kids, including Yours truly.  This weekend I whipped up three to eventually place in the shop but I wanted to give you preview.  These are fun to make.  They aren't quite finished yet because I need list of trinkets and a picture card attached to the bags.  I wanted something to place the cards in and those are on order.  BUT I might just as well laminate.  Anybody know of an inexpensive laminating machine at a reasonable cost.  I don't need anything large nor fancy.  One that does business cards will certainly do.

Here's the promised preview:

Autism Awareness!

What's Inside.

Besides creating some really cool "I-Spy" bags,  I was experimenting with potholders.  I enjoy all the kitchen novelty fabrics and just having fun with it.  This potholder is a cute bright green with orange giraffes.  So bright and cheery!

I apologize for the last image.  My camera washed out the color.  The true color is more of the first image.  Enjoy the pictures. 

Hope everyone is having a great day. 


  1. those are so cute and interesting. I can see how kids would have so much fun playing with these. I like that you didn't really stick to a theme so it gives you a sense that anything could be in there waiting to be discovered.

  2. They are so cute and colourful! Good work!


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