Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need your opinions on new ideas! Can you Help?

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

I have been coming up with some pretty good ideas lately, but I wanted to ask for your opinion. I am not having much luck in the marketing area.  But it's not my area of expertise.  I wanted some opinions or comments on some new ideas that might be of interest.  Thought about creating some really cool pillow covers with cute sayings on the pillow.  I make my own letters and that is the fun part. I made a sample one. What do you think?

I think they have potential and choosing the right fabrics that grab the attention helps too.

Then I thought about creating some different stuffies to add to the owl collection.  I created a new one and I am calling her "Krazy Kittums!"  She is a little tweaked because working with certain fabrics tend to be a challenge.  Embroidery isn't easy on soft stretchy fabrics. But I made a good attempt.

So there you have it.  My latest creations.  Happy crafting peeps.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shameless much is too much

I was on a roll last week with creating a few owls for the shop and I actually created another Valentine owl different from my larger owls.  I am Feeling a bit discouraged because I do get a few views but that's about it. I am on facebook (putting shameless plugs there on my personal page), twitter and I enjoy the blog hops, but  I don't have the time to join the parties.  It's either work to craft stuff for the store, and neglect the blog.  I find that listing the items takes a tremendous amount of time too.  Maybe I am just trying to hard and have too much going.  I want to write on my other blogs, but there again, that would take time away from the goal of trying to make a go of  the shop.  I asked a friend about my dilemma, she suggested craft fairs.  Okay idea if your not hesitant about going out there and putting forth the effort or time.   My point is I don't want this blog to sound like a constant advertisement for the shop, but I feel like that it's turning out to be that way.  But most of items I create are for the shop.  I might just  have to change the way my blog functions.

Forgive me if  I sound like "Donkey" from Whinny the Pooh. I know things will improve, gotta keep the faith.

 Happy Crafting Peeps,