Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Project

Look what I made this weekend.  In my previous post I told you that I was waiting for wool felt, well it arrived and I made this incredibly cute Pocket Pixie Doll this weekend. Pattern courtesy of Gingermelon at Etsy.  She has the cutest patterns!

It's an easy pattern, but it involves stuffing small parts and that presented a challenge.  I loved the fact that I could sew by hand.  I actually enjoy sewing by hand. This pattern required that you use four different stitches.  I think I am beginning to really enjoy embroidery! Not sure I would make one again, maybe only as gifts.  It took me several hours just to create one doll. 

I must say that I do enjoy sewing with felt and the 100% wool felt lives up to it's name.  Much better than the eco-felt.

Let me know what you think if her.  She doesn't have a name, maybe Lavender. 

Her hair is hand sewn on one strand at a time and I used 100% wool yarn.  Her dress has 2 tiny pearl beads for an accent and hand sewn lace on the bottom of her dress.

Happy Crafting everyone.  Take Care.

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