Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being Busy and Sharing the Love!

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

I have been very busy doing everything but sewing! I have been trying to spiff up the blog, then BOTH my boys have their "Back to School" nights this week. I have also had a death in Family, so it has been an interesting week.

But I wanted to share with you many of the past projects I have made that really have never made it to the cyber-world.  They either have a flaw of some kind or an "oops." Sometimes they are just "trial and error."  Please enjoy!  Warning this post is picture heavy.  Hope you like my projects!

This is a large heated rice bag that I created, but it has a Velcro flap to it.  Not the style I had in mind. I do like the fabric though.

This is another version of a Heated Rice Therapy Bag.  A fold-over snapped version.  Good concept but I felt it wouldn't be all that comfortable if used on their heads or other areas.  The snaps just would not feel good next to the skin.  There again, I love the fabric.  How about those cool fish!  By the way, I am thinking this a good give-away item!  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! Stay tuned!

This is my very first boxed corner zippered pouch.  I totally love this, but I couldn't sell it! It is an "oops", unfortunately the bottom seams don't line up. Boo... I would like to try making this again because these are just awesome.

This project here was intentionally going to be a cell phone case.  I call it my "Trial and Error".  It really just needed to be tweaked.  I made it too small for the cell phone when folded over.  But it's my own design and I think otherwise, it turned out rather nice.

One more note:  I am still tweaking the blog.  I would like to get more of my blogger friends following me, but   I am little apprehensive to place many gadgets on my site until my computer gets completely back to running properly.

Thank you for all your support! You are the ♥BEST♥!

Happy Thursday to you all.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your loss. *sends glitter and comforting thoughts to your family*

    Neat projects! I love the fishy fabric.

    Btw, thanks for hopping by my blog and leaving such sweet compliments. Your blog is so cute!


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