Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need your opinions on new ideas! Can you Help?

Hi Pigeon Peeps,

I have been coming up with some pretty good ideas lately, but I wanted to ask for your opinion. I am not having much luck in the marketing area.  But it's not my area of expertise.  I wanted some opinions or comments on some new ideas that might be of interest.  Thought about creating some really cool pillow covers with cute sayings on the pillow.  I make my own letters and that is the fun part. I made a sample one. What do you think?

I think they have potential and choosing the right fabrics that grab the attention helps too.

Then I thought about creating some different stuffies to add to the owl collection.  I created a new one and I am calling her "Krazy Kittums!"  She is a little tweaked because working with certain fabrics tend to be a challenge.  Embroidery isn't easy on soft stretchy fabrics. But I made a good attempt.

So there you have it.  My latest creations.  Happy crafting peeps.


  1. Both creations are cute!

    As for marketing, my theory is: time, presence and communication! It takes time to build up a customer base. It takes a consistent presence to build a customer base. And it takes communication. Some favorite sellers of mine on eBay would occassionally be away, but their site/shop/etc. would have some announcement to that effect long in advance. So I guess it also takes patience. :) Have fun.

  2. I like your "Krazy Kittums" creation... very cute!The fact that it is a bit tweaked just made this creation so unique.
    As for the cool pillow covers, I think adding humorous words like "LOL" "TGIF" "BFF" "Live Love Laugh", "Eat Pray Love" or "Age doesn't count".."Happily Married" will make your product more catchy & a great figt idea !!!


Thanks for your comments! I read them all and enjoying answering any questions you might have. Share the love♥!