Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newest Creations!

Have been getting my creative juices going.  I put a new Owl in the shop.  I need to do some more marketing of my items.  The owl is made with a very soft and fluffy fabric.  It is comparable to minky or soft pile fleece.  In the works is an owl I am creating for up and coming Valentine's Day.  So stay tuned! A perfect gift!

Sewed up a potholder recently, because the one I had in the kitchen had seen it's last days.  It a made entirely from 100% linen and imported Japanese linen, what a cute print.  I used three different prints. Check it out.

I also have a new blog.  I know, I know, I don't keep up with the one that I have but it's a blog about my other passions and random ramblings.  So check it out: Passionate Montage and see what you think.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Enjoy crafting and creating peeps.


  1. The owl is ADORABLE. I don't like a lot of owls so when I say adorable I mean really =)

  2. Wow Karen! Your owls get more and more adorable! This snowy white one is too cute. You've been so good stocking up your Etsy shop. I told myself I would get going on mine this year...we shall see lol. Thank you for the sweet comment on my bloggy birthday post. I will always remember that you were the first person to ever leave me a comment and that is very special to me. Keep creating and have a wonderful week. ♥



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